• Beneficial Body Soaps and Scrubs for the Fall

    Fall is definitely here and has a direct impact on our skin. It is very important to think about which body soaps and scrubs are most beneficial to help nourish our skin and bodies during these cooler months.
  • Why You Want Mango Butter in Your Soap

    With its soothing scent, calming features, and nutritional benefits, mango butter is an important addition to the soaps you use on a regular basis. Like the fruit, mango butter is delightfully versatile. It has numerous health benefits, it’s great for most skin types, and it has a subtler scent than shea or cocoa butter, making it a fantastic all-purpose butter.
  • What's the Difference Between Cold Process and Hot Process Soap?

    The use of soap to wash our hands and bodies is an important component of our daily lives. Now, more than ever before, it has become a critical component of our daily lives! Like with the foods we eat, it is still very important to understand the ingredients being used in the soaps we are using on our bodies and the process that is being used to create these soaps. Soap is typically made using 2 different processes: Cold process and hot process.

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